The Danish company GEMBA Consulting conducted ripple effect analyses for several Norwegian ports a few years ago. The purpose of the analyses was to examine the importance of the ports. How important is the port for value creation in the local area? How many jobs are dependent on or related to the location of the port?

The analyses reveal and illustrate how the port activities affect the surrounding areas. The effect is measured in terms of economic activity and employment.

The economic impact of Larvik Havn was measured through its effect on employment, revenues generated from business activities, net income generation (value added) and tax generated by companies operating in or near the port.


  • Larvik Havn had an effect on employment of 1005 FTEs, equivalent to 8 per cent of total employment in Larvik Municipality.
  • Total turnover related to business and industry was NOK 1.9 billion.
  • The total tax effect from the activities of Larvik Havn has been estimated at NOK 87 million.

Much of the industry in the region depends on Larvik Havn for imports and exports. The port is important for further development of business and industry in Larvik in the form of new jobs and new companies, and for the municipality in terms of increased tax revenues.