Larvik Havn KF is a municipal company with 14 employees. Our activities mainly involve the management of local waters, service provision to vessels using the Port of Larvik, the operation of marinas and the rental of land, warehouses and terminals.

Larvik Havn is an important property owner and facilitator of logistics activities. 

The central location, short approach and a variety of routes make the Port of Larvik an efficient and natural logistics hub for cargo and passengers. Annual freight movements of 45 500 container units (TEUs) and 84 500 ferry-transported freight units (12 M equivalents) make the Port of Larvik one of Norway's most important freight hubs.


Larvik Havn is self-financed, and receives no public subsidy. As a result, Larvik Havn must ensure acceptable profitability and a sustainable financial position to meet its needs for maintenance and investments.

Profits are reinvested in maintenance, operation and development of the port infrastructure. Healthy and sustainable economic development enables Larvik Havn to meet the future demands and expectations of the users of the port and regional business and industry.